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  1. Designing of construction facilities with the use of MCS - all types of designing works:
    • calculating of foundations of arched MCS,
    • structure carrying capacity,
    • water-flow duct flow rates,
    • collecting of expert conclusions.
  2. Select MCS cross-sections and calculate MCS strength. Including all types of cross-sections:
    • circular cross-sections, arched cross-sections, supporting cross-sections, close correct cross-sections and polycentric cross-sections.
    • Calculation of strength is defined by corrugation type, wall thickness, cross-section size and type, embankment height.
  3. We render services on contract supervision and technical assistance of MCS mounting..
  4. We organize delivery of MCS in railway containers to customer’s warehouse.
  5. We apply additional protective coating over zinc coating of MCS elements by the high-pressure method under the conditions of our plant: compound “Germokron-Hydro” or two-component epoxy enamel “Prim-Platina Nord”, layer thickness is in accordance with project requirements.
  6. Repair of failing reinforced concrete pipes of different cross-sections (sleeving). Method “sleeving” enables to repair failing reinforced concrete, steel, stone- or brick-masonry pipes of different cross-sections by inserting a corrugated “sleeve” into passage of the failing pipe for th whole projected length. The “sleeve” cross-section is as close as possible to the failing pipe cross-section to prevent flow rate reducing. The gap between the “sleeve” and the failing pipe is filled with concrete. The “sleeving” works are conducted without stopping traffic at a road or a railroad.

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